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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

HR Tuition was started with the aim of delivering high-quality educational support to as many young people as possible. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to access education and use this to improve and develop themselves.

We pride ourselves on using tailored methods of teaching, to engage students with their learning, help build their confidence, grow their understanding of the world, and ensure they get the best results possible for them.

Our team of tutors are focused on delivering a high standard of teaching in order to make our lessons enjoyable, interactive, and educational. All of our tutors are familiar with the most recent educational system and therefore have extensive knowledge of each subject's syllabus as well as being up to date with relevant topics, syllabus changes, and successful exam techniques.

100% of students we've worked with have said that they've improved academically since attending lessons with us.

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Our tutoring


For the younger age groups we focus on the basics of writing, especially on improving their understanding and use of writing techniques and tools such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and punctuation. For our older students, our attention is devoted towards helping them improve their writing skills and their ability to interpret and analyse different pieces of text.


Our Mathematics syllabus encompasses topics such as numbers, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics. Our engaging style of teaching ensures students understand different concepts first before using continuous practice and guidance to apply what they've learnt when answering questions. Our tutors ensure students are confident when it comes to taking both calculator and non-calculator exams.


Our goal for our younger students studying science is to help them develop curiosity about complex structures and how they work, including the human body and the solar system. For older students studying for GCSE and A-Level exams, our lessons are split between Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, for which we target specific areas of each, depending on what students need help with most.


For students preparing for their SATs, we take a combined approach of ensuring that they are well positioned to score high in their SATs exams but we also make sure that they develop good learning habits and a general curiosity of their subjects, from a young age. Our SATs lessons are therefore engaging, fun, interactive, and educational.


To support students with GCSEs, we tailor our programme of lessons based on the students' working level (1 - 9), the level of paper they are sitting (foundation / higher), and the exam board with which their exams are. Our tutors are extremely familiar with the key GCSE topics and exam paper structures. Our lessons contain a mix of content revision and exam paper practice.


We have a team of tutors who are high-achievers and specialists in their own fields. Our lessons include revision of key topics, past paper practice, and provision of key tips / advice to perform well in exams. Subjects taught by us include: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, IT, Law, Economics, Accounting, and others.

Why choose us?


Our tutors have years of experience between them, in helping students achieve the best grades possible, across a range of subjects and covering all age groups (from 5 - 18).

They are high-achievers and specialists in their own field, and are passionate about supporting others to reach their maximum potential.


Our class sizes are intentionally kept small which means lessons are more focused and each student gets the attention and support they need, whilst enjoying the benefits of interacting and learning with like-minded peers.

100% of the students we've worked with have said that they've improved academically since attending lessons with us.


Parents trust us and are comfortable knowing that their child is learning in a safe environment. We regularly keep in touch with all of our parents, listening to their needs and by providing feedback on how their child is performing.

Check out our social media pages where we regularly post feedback received from parents!

What do parents and students say about us?

We've supported over 500 students in the past five years in achieving or exceeding their target grades. Here are just a handful of reviews from some of our recent parents and students.

Our 11+ course

We cover English, Maths, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning as part of our popular 11+ course. We recommend that students start their 11+ preparation at least 12 months before their exams, if not earlier. Our tutors are experienced and well versed in the different requirements for the 11+, whether for grammar, private or independent schools, and are familiar with the requirements of many different top schools. Our teaching materials are also developed to suit the selective schools in your area.

Our tutors will help with the following to ensure you pass your 11+:

Advice on exam techniques

Provision of exam practice material

Lessons tailored to the exam board

Feedback on areas to improve

These are just a handful of schools we've helped students in successfully getting places at:

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Our centre

Our tuition centre in Luton is located in the town centre, right next to the Luton Mall car park. There are ample parking facilities and transport links, making it easy, accessible, and convenient, for both parents and students to get to.

We've worked hard to create an open, friendly, and warm environment, with well-equipped facilities and sufficient resources, giving students everything they need to progress their learning. Our centre is set up to offer one-to-one, group, and online lessons, depending on your preferences or needs.

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Online tutoring

For those needing or preferring high quality tuition from home, HR Tuition offers a leading online tuition service. Our online classes are suitable for children aged 5-18 years old, where we offer small group lessons and one-to-one lessons.

  • We provide support for the same range of subjects and year groups listed on our website.

  • Students have regular access to their tutor on a weekly basis, including through email communication where we provide homework.

  • Our online lessons are interactive where tutors are able to work through live questions, annotate and mark on screen, and send across worksheets and papers.

Our engaging lessons ensure students feel as if they are still sat in the classroom! Check out our social media pages for recent reviews regarding our online tuition service or give us a call to find out more.

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Supporting schools and communities

Schools and communities are under increasing pressure to support and inspire young people. One of our goals is to help develop our local communities through various projects and initiatives.

We work with local schools and youth organisations to deliver assemblies, skills workshops, and careers sessions, as well as provide mentoring and advice on careers and further education programmes.

Many members of our team have also volunteered for, and supported, both local and national charity campaigns including for Luton Foodbank, L.A.M.P, Cancer Research UK, and Anthony Nolan Foundation.

Get in touch with our friendly team so that we can support your school, organisation, or community, and work together to create the next generation of inspirational leaders!

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