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"Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world" -

Nelson Mandela

HR Tuition was started with the aim of ‘Helping Revolutionise’ tuition. Our aim is to use innovative methods of teaching within the classroom to engage students with their learning whilst at the same time help build their confidence.

We provide academic support in the form of group and one to one lessons for English, Maths and Science for SATs, GCSEs and A-Levels. Our team of tutors are focused on delivering a high standard of teaching in order to make our lessons enjoyable, interactive and educational.

All of our tutors have experienced the most recent educational system and therefore have extensive knowledge of the syllabus as well as being extremely familiar with relevant topics and successful exam techniques.

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Grade improvement 90%

Student satisfaction rate 90%

Parent satisfaction rate 95%

Our Services


Our Mathematics syllabus encompasses topics including numbers, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics. The style of teaching we use helps to enforce our methods through continuous practice and guidance. This helps to ensure students are confident when it comes to taking both calculator and non-calculator exams.


For the younger age groups we focus on the basics of writing, especially on the understanding and use of the basics including nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and punctuation. For our older students, our attention is devoted towards helping them improve their writing (essay) skills and ability to analyse different pieces of text.


Our goal for our younger students studying science is to help them develop a curiosity about how complex structures including the human body and the solar system work. GCSE and A-Level student syllabuses are split into Biology, Chemistry and Physics, for which we target specific areas of each.


Group Sessions

Structural Learning

Additional Subjects Available

HR Community

One of our goals is to help develop society through various community projects.

Many members of our team have volunteered for and supported both local and national charities including Luton Foodbank, L.A.M.P, Cancer Research UK and Anthony Nolan Foundation.

Building upon the collective experience of our team, we aim to help improve the lives of others through many charitable and fundraising activities.

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"They use dynamic methods of teaching to really engage my children with their learning. Both my son and daughter enjoyed going to weekly lessons because the tutors were really friendly and helpful."

"Not only did my tutor help me understand algebra better, I almost even started to enjoy the subject. I was struggling mainly with factorising and expanding, but thanks to the methods that my tutor taught me, I am now much more comfortable with those types of questions."

"Thank you HR Tuition! The exam techniques my daughter learned in your lessons have significantly improved her confidence in preparing for her exams."

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